This Lover's Day let's be inspired by the freedom to express ourselves exactly as we wish to be received. Our overall look, beauty and style alike, are the visual introduction we give to everyone we meet.


So why isn't more attention payed to the look we GIVE? 

Dangerous Beauty 

A video compilation created using photographs from a beauty story Ricardo Nelson and I did together. Photography - Ricardo Nelson Creative Beauty Direction : dnicole

Makeup Hair & Manicure - dnicole Model- Kristina Nikolic Beauty Assistant - Sara Kosmyna

Makeup and Manicure using MAC COSMETICS.

This story was inspired by the glamour of a crimson 1930's lip, the tinge of tenderness felt from an antique photograph and the intrigue sparked by the allure of androgyny.

Don't be afraid to get lost in love or inspiration. 

Whether or not your look is feminine, masculine or falls somewhere in-between, it is YOURS.

Live freely in your own skin and then your life will begin. 


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For professional use onset

or simply for those who prefer the selection of a pallet:

Macs Pro Lip Pallet/ 6 editorial reds is a staple in my kit I can't live without.


Colors include: Lady Danger, Russian Red, On Hold, Ruby Woo, Mac Red and Dare You.


As well as Mac studio Nail Lacquer in Red, Red, Red on her nails.